Back pain

Four simple exercises for lower back pain


Low back pain is the most common reason people book an appointment with us. It is rarely serious and often improves by taking over the counter painkillers, (anti-inflammatories normally, although always check with your GP before starting any new medications), staying active by adapting your normal activities rather than completely avoiding them and by exercise.

The following exercises are easy to do in the comfort of your own home, they are safe and will help get your back moving.

Exercises provided courtesy of our exercise programme partner.

It is normal for these exercises to feel uncomfortable or mildly painful but do not push into severe pain.

Lumbar rotation


Bend your knees, and keeping your feet flat on the floor, rotate your hips to one side creating a rotation through your lower back. Only go as far as feels comfortable, you do not need to get your knees to the floor. Return to the opposite side. This is an excellent lower back mobility exercise, especially if you have acute lower back pain or disc problems.

Perform 30s times daily | Repeat 2-3 times | Hold for 2-3 | Perform both sides


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Pelvic tilt lying


Lie flat on your back, and engage your deep core muscles by drawing your belly button inwards (towards your spine slightly), while flattening your spine against the floor, then relax. Repeat as required.

Perform 30s times daily | Repeat 2-3 times | Hold for 2-3


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Single leg back stretch


Lie flat on your back, and bend your knee towards your chest. Hold this position and feel a gentle stretch in your back. If you get any groin pain while doing this exercise, stop and inform your therapist. Relax, and then repeat as necessary.


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Back extension medium


Lie on your front, and rest on your forearms. Straighten your arms to a 90 degree position as shown. Hold this position. Your back will be arched. Start gently with this exercise as it can cause some stiffness when you first begin.


If you have any concerns or questions about your back pain then please get in touch on 01236 425661, email at or contact us on social media.

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